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tv   News Weekly  RT  August 4, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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the week's man headlines here on the. u.s. private bradley manning faces more than a century in prison after a court martial finds him guilty of the most charges in america's biggest leak of classified data. edward snowden slips out of a moscow airport ending his weeks of transit limbo this after russia grants the fugitive whistleblower a year's asylum much to the fury of washington. also the british resident in the guantanamo bay detention center describes daily assault by the guards as we start our own investigation into the claims of torture. deadline for a decision on the rebels in syria passes the books determination is shaken by the syrian opposition is growing radicalism and the fear of
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a terrorism backlash from the unprecedented number of europeans who are now joining the fight. thank you for sharing your sunday with us here on r.t. you just in time for the weekly with me rule research. private bradley manning was this week found guilty of america's biggest leak of restricted information with almost all charges in his court martial standing though he was cleared of the most serious charge of aiding the enemy he still faces more than one hundred and thirty years in prison let's take a look now here and see how it all folded bradley manning deployed to iraq back in two thousand and nine he soon exposed the collateral murder video of civilians being killed by u.s. troops but after a series of online chats with the haka manning was turned into the government and
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arrested more revelations fall. lowed exposing iraq and afghanistan a war logs along with a diplomatic cables all published by wiki leaks it was then in march two thousand and eleven manning was accused of aiding the enemy and the charge that could have kept him behind bars for life i was waiting for his court martial the un described manning's prison treatment as inhumane but the judge did not allow the global bodies torture inspector to testify and then of course the high profile trial in fort meade maryland it led to guilty verdicts in nineteen out of the twenty two charges against him wiki leaks spokesperson christine france and believes that far from stopping the leaks manning its case will only lead to more of the secret data coming to light. or be used to facing a long time in prison especially when you think about how this trial has been covered by judge lindh one is not filled with a new york to miss only last week. to allow the prosecution to change some of the
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charges on the laws of the trial. the trial has been partly closed off to journalists who journalists have been intimidated we have seen that despite the way that bradley manning was treated. being tortured in prison in isolation in solitary confinement for almost a year it has not stopped whistleblowers and there are still breathe people there and who act on their conscience and to with the public interest in mind we have seen no new era beginning and an expansion of the limits of journalism. and the founder of wiki leaks the website which to release the data had that over by bradley manning claimed there was a never received a fair trial and julian assange josser lambasted the u.s. government for its radical national security of years. this is the first.
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conviction against was the glow in the united states it is a dangerous person and in example of national security islam is a short sighted judgment that cannot be tolerated and it must be reversed it can never be can range mation to the public is it's beyond. and in the meantime some supporters of bradley manning of drawn up a petition claiming they would serve the whistleblower sentence in various parts and more than seventeen hundred people signed the request and plan on submitting it to the man in charge of reviewing the private sentence so r.t. is more important i went on to the streets of new york to listen to what the people there had to say on the verdict. union square has been something of a stomping ground for bradley manning supporters in new york city you see over the years many rallies have been held here in honor of the army private first class intelligence analyst now manning has been found guilty of downloading and releasing
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confidential u.s. documents that subsequently disclosed illegal activity and crimes on the part of washington manning faces up to one hundred thirty six years in prison instead of telling you how the public is reacting to this news we're handing our microphone directly over to the citizens bradley manning didn't commit any crimes would be like is if you shot me and the camera man said hey i've got this footage of this crime and he. you know put it out there for justice and instead of trying you they try him and it doesn't make any sense it would appear to me that the manning verdict would be sending a message to edward snowden i'm sure he's listening. you know because it's a really similar situation and i think they're doing a good thing because the american people are basically enslaved and they're you know they're told what to do by the media and they follow orders if you look at the
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apache helicopter video which probably the most famous one. for the american public at least know what is actually going on in the war their fight single worth fighting at that point i just hope maybe somebody like obama. may be doing is the last leg news a lame duck president this is ours to blood money now although manning has been acquitted of aiding the enemy charges he may be punished for the rest of his life for presenting the american public with the truth reporting from new york for an up or nine our take on this gauge your thoughts on this so what do you think manning's sentence should actually be you can take part right now in our on going world wide poll at aussie dot com and. your opinion so ultimately the votes have been fluctuating from hour to hour but let's see how they panned out here from our web site this hour so far though the majority still saying that seventy seven percent of all voters saying that manning should not have been found guilty in the first place he should be honored as
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a hero of fifteen percent those saying that he should be perhaps sentenced to a suspended jail the very most the remaining eight percent a split between a twenty year sentence and capital punishment or at least life but there is still time for you to get involved with our online poll of dot com indeed what indeed should sentence turn out to be involved. in the meantime one chapter in edward snowden saga was closed this week for the u.s. was a blow on the run has finally left the transit limbo of a moscow airport where he's been stuck for more than a month now snowden has been granted temporary asylum here in russia and has already received some job offers including one from russia's biggest social network now for the meantime his whereabouts remain unknown lindsay france though it takes a few minutes here to recap the media's massive chase for the former n.s.a. contractor. on sunday june twenty third when reports surface that the u.s.
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is newest whistleblower edward snowden was in russian airspace on a flight from his hong kong hideout every journalist knew the weekend was over and they all scurried here to section a i said to metro airport snowden and his wiki leaks advisor sarah harrison are a no show reporters found out that snowden and his advisors were due to be on a flight to cuba the next day so what they do search around for the nearest hotel to get a good night's sleep before getting on that flight. june twenty fourth dawns the doors to the flight close seat seventeen a is empty galleys and restrooms are searched the cargo hold is suspected a drinks trolley is found in business class hangovers are reported june twenty fifth president putin confirms that snowden is still in the transit area of the airport foreign minister sergei lavrov dismisses a u.s. request for extradition this stakeout continues because you just never know when
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he'll come out from hiding everyone with a press badge gets to know airport food courts and the coin operated massage chairs very well july second wiki leaks says snowden is seeking asylum in nineteen more countries including china cuba nicaragua venezuela and india. the next day at another airport this time in austria drama unfolds the president of bolivia his plane is forced to land on suspicion that snowden is on board the heat in the debate turns up on the heels of this bolivia nicaragua and venezuela make their offers of asylum well known denouncing the pressure exerted by america but one little problem remains getting to any of these destinations without falling into the hands of american law enforcement it was here on the second floor terminal where snowden held a conference with human rights activists and with his advisors made the announcement that he was scared to fly not for heights and that he was thinking of
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asking russia for asylum video and photos make it out of that meeting and are quickly uploaded for our stories finally we have something to bring back to our newsrooms now the wait for the paperwork in this case a response to snowden scribbles on a blank sheet hey whatever works staff only this unassuming door here on the first floor of the terminal at the airport was headquarters july twenty fourth when everyone thought anatoly snowden's russian advisor would be bringing that very important piece of paper from immigration services allowing him to exit the airport instead all he brought were a bag of books some new clothes and a healthy dose of consolation for snowden and the journalists. until august first one day now himself shows the press that fateful document making edward snowden free to travel through the russian federation until july thirty first two thousand and fourteen he says edward is gone and his lips are sealed. due to the fact that
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he's the most wanted person on planet earth today he would be concerned about the issue of security that includes questions of safety and the place where he is going to live that's all up to him as he is where we'll consult and advise him but on other. shoes it's up to him according to our sources when a plane from paris was emptying out he took his chance and jumped in to blend in. edward snowden had flown and then walked out nearly unnoticed much to our chagrin in moscow lindsey france r.t. . and one of the conditions moscow had earlier said for taking snowden in was that he stops harming washington with his leaks in an interview to a russian t.v. channel the whistle blowers father said his son has already done enough public good to abide by that request with a clear conscience i understand his tremendous political interest and at this point our government i suspect is somewhat angry about the way this has has turned out i
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am again thankful to the russian people president vladimir putin's and anatoly sure enough for the courage the strength the humanity that they have demonstrated in what i believe is this noble action of protecting my son and keeping him safe as a father he needs to respect the president who requests i believe my son's work is done with this in terms of he has made a tremendous sacrifice to let the american people what has been done to them and in their name and i am again so thankful to the people of russia and we had a chance to speak to political analyst dmitri babich you said that our russia had no other choice but to grant snowden temporary asylum. i think that snowden is a very special case because he didn't serve any foreign government what he did when you don't his own and he revealed this information to press north to foreign agents
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i am pretty sure that the united states would shield such a person if he had been a russian origin and if he had been found in the united states russia i think was a lot of very willing to have him here i think it's clear from mr bush's statements that he was not particularly. by the question is so what could put in do if he had delivered mr snowden out of there had to stay as mr snowden would probably face life imprisonment in the united states so no civil west country can do it or this country will be respected. well russia's decision to take snowden was well met with fury in washington at the white house hinted the september summit between president obama and putin may now be canceled but all the hype over snowden's asylum is actually diverting public attention from what he's actually wanted for back at home of course is damning revelations guy nature can file the report. the moment edward snowden walked out of that moscow airport russia became the object of washington's
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wrath we heard calls for president obama to boycott the g. twenty summit in russia the president's press secretary said washington is quote unquote extremely disappointed with moscow's decision on snowden and that it undermines the growing cooperation between russian and u.s. security services certain members of congress used even harsher term senator chuck schumer said russia has stabbed us in the back and each day that mr snowden is allowed to roam free is another twist of the knife senator lindsey graham says americans in washington should consider this a game changer in our relationship with the blushes and john mccain goes it is a slap in the face of all americans we cannot allow today's action by put into a stand without serious repercussions of course for many politicians here attacking snowden and russia is much easier than defending the surveillance state the white house keeps repeating this mantra mr snowden is not a whistleblower he is accused of leaking classified information and has been
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charged with three fairly villany counts and he should be returned to the united states polls show the majority of americans actually disagree with the white house on whether or not mr snowden is a whistle blower they think it is so what else they disagree with a gallup poll shows fifty three percent of americans now disapprove of the government surveillance programs as opposed to thirty seven percent who approve another poll by the queen a parent university conducted just in the wake of snowden's revelations shows forty five percent of americans say the government's anti-terrorism efforts have gone too far restricting civil liberties three years ago twenty five percent of americans thought so it's a massive shift in attitudes a shift that the lawmakers and the government can't ignore as much as they like to attack snowden his revelations have put the white house on the defensive you can complain about big brother this is. a potential.
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program run amuck but when you actually look at the details then i think we've struck the right balance well let's look at some of those details from snowden we first learned about the prism program a system the n.s.a. uses to gain access to the private communications of users of nine popular services the government said the n.s.a. does that only with a warrant from the fights a court snowden said the court merely rubber stamp such warrants and he revealed one such revealed one such secret court order for a telecommunications company to hand over its clients data in bulk the government has acknowledged the bulk collection of communications but said no one can look at the content of those communications without a warrant snowden said that's a lie this week the guardian relying on the documents that snowden had earlier provided has revealed details of a program that makes such warrantless snooping possible we learned about x. keyscore which allows to search through vast amounts of data collected by other programs snowden has leaked the n.s.a.'s training materials where the agency boast
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that the program is the widest reaching system for developing intelligence from the internet having sekret feist his career and his comfortable lifestyle snowden said he wanted to expose the government lives in washington i'm going to check him and of snowden's revelations of causing havoc across the atlantic in fact of the latest published leaks expose major telecom companies like the rise in vodafone and bt secretly collaborating with the british intelligence agency or this bloated g c h q came shortly afterwards disclosed that the n.s.a. was pouring millions into the british agency by securing its access to surveillance data for me and my five officer sean she says despite the fact that close cooperation between the u.s. and u.k. intelligence services is nothing new the latest revelations do show it in a whole new dimension. one thing that people tend to forget is there's an old
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program of mutual assistance which was called echelon which was exposed in the one nine hundred eighty s. and then fed into the european parliament in the one nine hundred ninety s. which led to a report that said that europe should develop its own standalone internet infrastructure and not depend on the u.s. infrastructure of course this came out just before nine eleven and was lost in sort of security panic that happened afterwards so this is a resistance to being going on for decades let's have no doubt about that and it's also been a very good way for the n.s.a. and g.h.q. to circumvent domestic laws and domestic warrant tree requirements so they could spy on each other and then feed each other this thing the information they needed back without having to go through the courts so it's always been quite a krups relationship however i think these revelations that came out in the guardian take it to a whole new level we are now looking at g.h.q. effectively prostituting itself to the n.s.a. they are saying we can get around some of your load we can help you we will go to
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the nth degree to help you give us your money. i know more of the week's top headlines in just a few minutes here on out so you including the story of a belgian father desperate to find a son we dust off to join the ranks of the syrian rebels more interest. in. her. thank you for the economic ups and downs in the final month the london deal sank i and the rest because i take it will be every week on a. world . series technology innovation all the latest developments from around
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russia we've gone to the future or covered. choose your language call it we can we know if you're going to feel some of that. choose to use the consensus here to. choose the opinions that you figure a cool. choose to stories could impact your life choose me access to your. it's twenty minutes past the hour moscow time it's r t with me rory sushi inmates at guantanamo bay have accused the guards of carrying out invasive procedures including the so-called gift momus sarge at the offices daily routine against the
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hunger strikers was outlined by the last british resident at the facility shocker i'm out all of this in a private talk to his lawyer now according to the inmate jury and such invasive searches an extraction team walks in and forces a detainee to the floor any movement is restrained by the guards the detainees are held by the arms and legs such procedures they are conducted any time a prisoner wants to leave his cell to see a lawyer or a relative then the same again when he returns prisoners believe this is a tactic to try and intimidate them break the ongoing hunger strike and prevent them from talking to their advocates but attorney cliff smith representing mr shaka armor he said the measures at the camp actually have the reverse effect on the prisoners. we have now raised it with the american courts that they shouldn't be doing this they shouldn't effectively be sexually assaulting the prisoners and it was the government i believe who first started using the term scruton search if you
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will believe that the they actually admitted doing this sort of thing and it's being done to try to intimidate prisoners out of talking to their lawyers so that unfortunately the truth would not come out of crown tonneau bay but i don't doubt that most of them are resisting jack has been going through this for months and months and months now and i've got a proud moment away in his response to that is when they leave him in his cell he starts singing you know both mali songs new get up stand up or be your rhythmix and the guards to show that he's not to be cowed yes i think the shock is standing up for his rights and the rights of other prisoners trista's has motivated their guards under orders from the more senior offices to treat very bad but actually it's not had the effect the desired effect on the arts and it's made shock a stronger mentally because he recognizes that he is now at least in some parts in control of his life so i've actually been impressed by the psychological
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improvements and even though physically isn't very tough straits now here at r.t. we did send a request to the kuantan of our camp after the assault accusations by the inmates we got the response right here at one facility rep saying that they were unwilling to comment on such claims regard less of how ridiculous and absurd they might get. all right well this week the unofficial deadline passed for the e.u. to take a decision on arming the syrian rebels however the block's leaders are still remaining rather hesitant to this to growing concerns over the extent of the searching extremism that is currently making itself apparent in the war torn country and also there are fears of a terror backflow with ever more european citizens now joining the fight against president assad and one french official says this flow is unprecedented during the nine years of the afghan conflict only about fifteen jihadists were aidid is ever going to the country though take one year for syria and at least one hundred baled
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fronts to go fight against assad experts say most of the westerners are self radicalized and join the terrorist ranks of al qaeda and the al nusra front in total more than six hundred europeans are now estimated to be fighting in syria so lottie's testor australia now reports on the e.u. could be very wary of the syrian rebels. while the u.k. on the syrian rebels would not that's a question that's been answered in a number of different places a clump that began to mostly in varying degrees of light but ultimately always sending signals of support for the opposition it will be moved political progress in less the opposition is able to withstand the onslaught and put pressure on assad says he isn't a military victory so we will also increase our efforts to support and to shape the moderate opposition we propose to a man. who will fit was served. we must ensure that these arms go to
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the syrian national coalition into no one else to one half years on syria continues to pay the delicate complex picture a battleground constantly shifting as it is with western leaders rhetoric in american twelve hour meeting in may the needers agreed to disagree on syria with the u.k. and france successfully getting their way even though they were at odds with the twenty five other member states the european union has agreed to bring to an end the arms embargo only syrian opposition this is the outcome of the united kingdom it wanted rhetoric in the millicent's of the made up to the libyan intervention also led by the same players it's remarkable they could simply try and override the experience of libya because as a recent report said the. supermarket for the entirety of the of the middle east and if they were to go into syria that would be true to a power of attorney on august first e.u.
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countries can reassess their positions on syria and those who wish to arm the rebels may do so but as that day drew closer hesitation grew louder with david cameron acknowledging that there are quote unquote a lot of bad guys amongst the rebels and listen reports from syria show all kind of affiliated groups wanting to establish an islamic caliphate and dissolution rebels and defecting back to the government side before the war in afghanistan and before the attack on iraq there was no al qaida in iraq there was no al qaida in yemen there was no al-qaeda in somalia there was no al qaida in syria but there is not an idea that's not lost on the british prime minister there's too much extremism among some of the rebels but frankly we do need to do more to help promote those parts of the opposition that want a free purchased a democratic syria and so we're not all being the rebels this are cilia r.t.
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london. we did manage to contact the father of a belgian man who had dashed off to join and fight with the radicals in syria. to hold on to it friends with muslim brothers when they became eighteen and there's nothing wrong with that to go holiday discover the walls you know and after. that they may send those. they give him money that they give him a scholarship that pay money to start the to continue with. this muslim religion and so. you know but i didn't trust it to have the feeling that something was going wrong i start to discover every day pictures and videos of syria and one day i recognize my also in the video with other belgian guys so i moved to see that i was in the way i've seen so many cruel things. on the fly. me that put the cap on me i was almost dead and at least that can be done because these radical people these
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leaders this show you know they don't give me the opportunity to see this standing above all these children from the west not only from the west but many of the young guys from all over the walls they are using this young children so they have you here on the program on r.t. as molly gears up for a presidential runoff vote we traveled to the war torn country to see how the islamists managed to make part of it their stronghold where the people believe the fighting is really over also for you the greek government finding a special place for drug addicts deemed too unpleasant for society among illegal immigrants prostitutes in detention. and venture capital in just. from one shot reverberate through the centuries when vengeance called for blood.
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i have imagined hanging on this member in him for eight years. get out wave law and faith in the caucasus. vendettas were handed down from generation to generation that killed my son with impunity to kill them with impunity it was a question of honor can once mortal enemies be reconciled today. blood. on aussie. right on the scene. first straight. and i think you're. on a reporter's twitter. on instagram.


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